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Evans Waterless Coolant System Prep 1/2 Gallon

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Part Number: ECS PREP 1/2 GALLON
Manufacturer: Evans
Manufacturer Part No: EC41001

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant Prep Fluid

Used to flush water from cooling system in preparation for installing Evans Waterless Coolant


EVANS Prep Fluid is a waterless cooling system flush designed to remove residual water remaining in the cooling system.  It is not a substitute for thoroughly draining the cooling system and Prep Fluid should only be used after the cooling system has been properly drained. You should attempt to remove as much old antifreeze and water from the cooling system as possible prior to using Evans Coolant Prep.

EVANS Prep Fluid is not intended as coolant, use as a flush only.  This product does not provide the anti-corrosion and low temperature protection of an Evans Waterless Coolant.  Prep Fluid is used to prepare a cooling system for the installation of and Evans Waterless Coolant.  Prep Fluid is compatible with Evans Waterless coolants and residual Prep Fluid will not compromise anti-corrosion or low temperature protections. 

For a correct installation of an Evans Waterless Coolant, follow the instructions on the coolant label or refer to specific instructions available on Note that a complete drain of the radiator, block, and coolant reservoir are always required.  It is recommended that a complete system flush be done to not only remove the old conventional antifreeze but to also remove as much sediment as possible and get the system as clean as possible.



Prep Fluid should be used with air, to chase residual water from trapped locations.  After draining as much as possible from the engine block, close the drains and pour at least a gallon of Evans Coolant Prep into the engine. Then drain out the prep just as you drained out the old coolant or water. Pour Evans Prep into one of the heater hoses so that the Prep can push out any remaining water in low spots of the heater core. Application of low air pressure can then be used to remove as much Prep as possible. Pour Evans Prep into the radiator and allow it to push out any remaining water in the radiator tubes. The drained out Prep Fluid can likely be used again in another vehicle for prepping purposes.


After a complete drain of the radiator, block and expansion reservoir, close the block and radiator drains.  Add enough Prep Fluid to completely fill the cooling system. Run the engine long enough for the thermostat to open and provide complete circulation.  Turn off the engine.  CAUTION, the Prep Fluid is Hot; allow engine to cool before draining.  Drain the Prep Fluid from the radiator, block and expansion reservoir.   The drained out Prep Fluid can likely be used again in another vehicle for prepping purposes.

Final installation of an Evans Waterless Coolant requires a maximum water content of 5% for gasoline engines and 3% for diesel engines. Use an Evans Refractometer (Item #E210) to test the water content or send a sample of the coolant to Evans Cooling Systems, INC., P.O. Box 434, Parkerford, PA 19457 for a free water content analysis. 

Collect used Prep Fluid and dispose of it as you would any anti-freeze and in accordance with all regulations and local laws.


Cap-A-Radiator from Teena Nawabi on Vimeo.