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Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant 1 Gallon

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Manufacturer: Evans
Manufacturer Part No: EC53001
Evans Waterless Engine Coolant- High Performance
Superior cooling protection for all gasoline and light duty diesel, LP, & CNG engines.

Superior Protection for Cooling System Metals

Evans High Performance Coolant (HPC) contains no water and prevents water-caused corrosion, cavitation and electrolysis.  Evans HPC is a lifetime coolant for high performance cars, daily drivers, light diesels and small aircraft engines.  In occasional use applications such as emergency generators & antique cars, the coolant is stable and will not separate, even over long periods of inactivity.  Conventional anti-freeze must be replaced regularly and the system needs to be flushed out.  Evans Waterless Engine Coolant is stable and lasts the lifetime of the engine.

Superior Boil-Over Protection and Safer Pressures

The boiling point is 375 Degrees Fahrenheit and the minimum pour point of Evans High Performance Coolant is below -40 Degrees Fahrenheit. Water-based coolants boil near the boiling point of water and vaporize relatively easily, causing hot spots as liquid coolant becomes displaced.  The high boiling point of Evans High Performance Coolant keeps liquid coolant in constant contact with the engine metal at all times.  The use of High Performance coolant creates a safer, low pressure cooling system.   

Reduced Toxicity

Evans HPC is an ethylene glycol-containing product that additionally contains an alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) enzyme inhibitor, reducing its oral toxicity according to the Evans De-Tox process, a technology of Evans Cooling Systems, Inc, Suffield, CT USA.  A report on laboratory testing using rats is available. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissions has not granted a waiver for Evans HPC with respect to labeling requirements for products containing Ethylene Glycol.  Evans HPC must be regarded for purposes of handling and disposal in the same category as conventional ethylene glycol-based antifreeze.


  1. Never open a radiator cap while the engine is hot. The contents may be pressurized and you could be burned.  After the engine cools, open the radiator cap. 
  2. All of the old coolant must be removed from the cooling system.  CONVENTIONAL COOLANTS CONTAIN WATER AND WATER WILL CONTAMINATE AND DILUTE EVANS High Performance Coolant.  Drained coolant must be disposed of in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Remove coolant from all locations including radiator, expansion tank, engine block, and heater core.  Carefully apply air to blow out the heater circuit.  When adding coolant, if vehicle is tipped to remove fluid, use wheel chocks.  Observe all safety precautions. 
  4. DO NOT FLUSH SYSTEM WITH WATER.  Use High Performance Coolant as a flush, or Evans Prep Fluid, to push old coolant out of low places in the cooling system. 
  5. Close all drain valves and plugs.  Fill cooling system with EVANS High Performance Coolant, Run engine until hot (to get the thermostat to open.)  Shut off the engine and add coolant as needed to the radiator and expansion tank. 
  6. Obtain a sample of the coolant from a well-circulated location.  Test the water content of the sample using an Evans refractometer (part #E2190.)  For gas engines, the water content must not exceed 5.0%.  For diesel engines, the water content must not exceed 3.0%. 
  7. Check coolant level after cool down.  Coolant should be at or slightly above the “cold” line.  The coolant level of Evans Coolant will not rise as much as conventional antifreeze/coolant mixtures do when they get hot.

Cap-A-Radiator from Teena Nawabi on Vimeo.