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77-79 GM 30.25" Copper/Brass Crossflow Radiator 3 row core w/o LCI-1

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Copper/brass GM radiator Made in USA
MSRP: $600.00
Price: $525.00
You Save: $75.00 (13 %)
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Part Number: CR 05370 AR
Manufacturer: Classic Radiator
Manufacturer Part No: CR 05370 AR
Custom Built to Order by Classic Radiator in the USA

1 Year Guarantee

 This is a Custom-Built radiator! Although it shows “zero” in stock, we do keep the parts needed to build this radiator on hand, so please call us to place your order and we will build the radiator within 1-5 business days. Call for a more accurate time estimate. Please see below for customization information.

 If you go into your local auto parts store and order this radiator, they will likely offer you a plastic tank / aluminum core radiator of inferior quality that will not fit perfectly or look anything like an original and isn’t even made in the USA. We are aware that parts-store radiators are much less expensive than ours. But they do not fit as well, nor look correct like ours do. They also won't cool your valuable engine nearly as well!

 This GM replacement radiator has a 30½" core width between the tanks, and is 18½" tall including side channels. It has three rows of ½" tubes and an 8½" transmission cooler with 5/16" inverted flare fittings in the outlet tank. The upper hose neck has an outside diameter of 1½". The lower neck is 1½" O.D. If your radiator requires a ¾" Heater Return Line below the filler neck use CR 05840.

100% MADE IN USA 1 Year Guarantee

 Before ordering this radiator, please confirm that the radiator you need has a core width of 28¼" between the tanks and a 1½” diameter top hose connection. This radiator has three rows of ½" tubes on 9/16" centers. This radiator has a 1½" diameter lower neck.  Radiator DOES NOT HAVE a Low Coolant Indicator (LCI) in the outlet tank. If your radiator requires a LCI, use CR 0530. Applications for this radiator include:

1977-1979 Buick
Estate Wagon

1977-1979 Oldsmobile
Delta 88
Regency 98
Custom Cruiser Wagon

1977-1979 Pontiac
Safari Wagon

Later model Cadillacs (1980-1984) had 1¼" inlet necks. Please use CR 05840 if your radiator requires the smaller top hose connection.

 Before ordering this radiator please confirm that the radiator you need has a 30½" core width. Both tanks are 2¾" thick. It is an exact fit for many 2-row and 3-row GM applications. 

 This radiator can be custom made in multiple versions to suit your specific needs. The part number listed here is a standard 3-row core with an AUTOMATIC transmission cooler built into the passenger side tank. It can be built WITHOUT the transmission cooler for MANUAL transmission applications.

 It can also be built with a high efficiency style core that provides about 20% better cooling without increasing the core thickness or decreasing the fan clearance. By placing the tubes on closer centers to each other, more surface area is built into the core (without sacrificing airflow) for better heat transfer.

CR 05370 AR – Automatic transmission with standard cooling
CR 05370 AH – Automatic with high efficiency cooling
CR 05370 MR – Manual transmission with standard cooling
CR 05370 MH – Manual transmission with high efficiency cooling

This radiator has the drain plug on the passenger's side pointing down through the radiator support.

If you want to confirm that this is the correct application for your vehicle, please contact us via phone or e-mail. It does not have a heater return neck as do most generic replacement radiators.

100% Made in USA 1 Year Guarantee

Cap-A-Radiator from Teena Nawabi on Vimeo.