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59-60 Cadillac Radiator With factory A/C

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MSRP: $795.00
Out of stock at this time. Please e-mail or phone for availability.
Part Number: 080251 ANH Z
Manufacturer: US Radiator
Manufacturer Part No: 080251 ANH Z

Out of stock at this time. Please e-mail or phone for availability.

  1959 and 1960 Cadillac radiator with the side mounting brackets set for a factory A/C car and place the radiator on the grill side of the radiator support.

This is for the cars that were built with factory air conditioning!

  As a high efficiency 3 row, this radiator will cool the same as a regular 4 row core without decreasing the fan clearance. 
  It will cool  about 20% better than the regular style 3 row core that GM used in these cars.
 Both hose connections are 1 3/4". The lower hose comes straight out.
 The transmission cooler in the bottom tank has 3/8" inverted flare fittings on 12 1/2" centers.  The filler neck is on the driver side.

      US Radiator copper radiators are made to bolt in exactly as a factory replacement radiator would. They are available in several  core designs such as three rows of 1/2" tubes on 9/16" or 7/16" centers as well as in  three or four row versions. All US  Radiators can be ordered with an  electric cooling fan & shroud combo. The top tank of the radiator can be polished to show off the vintage brass look. An internal automatic transmission cooler is built into the radiator. This particular radiator can be ordered in a variety of configurations to suit your cooling needs and your budget. Even the largest radiator cannot cool properly without good airflow. Consider replacing your stock 4 or 5 blade fan with a six or seven blade fan for optimum cooling.

This radiator is the high efficiency version. For standard cooling, please us part # 080251 ANH

Cap-A-Radiator from Teena Nawabi on Vimeo.