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53 Buick Copper Brass Radiator for V-8 w/OEM # 3130077 and 3130916-w/o HE

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Price: Call for availability, built to order.
Out of stock at this time. Please e-mail or phone for availability.
Part Number: 04965 SNH
Manufacturer: Classic Radiator
Manufacturer Part No: 04965 SNH


 This radiator fits a 50 to 70 Series Buick with the V-8 and replaces the 3130077 OEM or the 3130916 OEM radiator..
There is another application will fit a 1953 40 Series Buick with the straight 8 cyl and match the 3130076 OEM  radiator (04963).
It is a 100% New and Made in USA radiator. This is a correct appearing and fitting replacement radiator but with more efficient serpentine fin design. The core size is 22" tall x 22" wide. This radiator does not have a transmission cooler. Top neck is 1 5/8" diameter & lower neck is also 1 5/8" diameter.  

The radiator does come to you painted black. This unpainted radiator picture is displayed to show the detail a little bit more clearly.

 This replacement radiator does not have OEM part numbers stamped into the top tank. If you require that and you have a good original radiator, we can recore yours to maintain exact originality.

This radiator for the V-8 engine has a 3/8" threaded bung on the passenger side of the bottom tank for a heater hose return fitting.
This model has the lower neck on the driver side and comes straight out.
The 3130076 model has the lower neck on the passenger side. Please see our part number 04963 for the straight 8 engine radiator.

 If you have the Roadmaster, we suggest you choose the replacement with the high efficiency core.

  It will fit Buicks both with and without the Dynaflow transmission. This radiator does not have a transmission cooler. These radiators did not have a transmission cooler in the radiator. They used an external style transmission cooler.
We can build radiators for most late 1940's to 1950's Buicks, Pontiacs, and Oldsmobiles.
  This radiator is available in both regular and high efficiency core designs. The regular core has the tubes on 9/16" centers and the high efficiency has the tubes on 3/8" centers. The high efficiency will cool about 18% to 20% better than the regular core because of the denser design and more surface area.

If you require exact 100% originality, we can recore your radiator. Recoring means taking the tanks and brackets off of your radiator, cleaning them and soldering them onto a new core just like the original core. This would preserve your OEM stampings on your tanks & brackets for originality. Contact us for more information on this service.

Cap-A-Radiator from Teena Nawabi on Vimeo.