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58 Edsel 3 Row High Efficiency Copper Radiator

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MSRP: $595.00
Price: $560.00
You Save: $35.00 (6 %)
Out of stock at this time. Please e-mail or phone for availability.
Part Number: 50219-ANH E Z HE
Manufacturer: US Radiator
Manufacturer Part No: 50219-ANH E Z HE
Core dimensions of this radiator are approximately 18" tall and 23 1/2" wide. The filler neck is moved about 6" inboard to allow hood clearance for the radiator cap. The top tank on this radiator is an original Edsel top tank. It is not new. We would be willing to "buy back" your original Edsel radiator as long as the top tank is in good re-useable condition. 
 This radiator will fit most 58 Edsel applications. For a 59 Edsel you can use a ford #50219 radiator with the filler neck on the far driver side. Please confirm the dimensions of your radiator and compare them to ours before ordering. Some Edsel models did come with a larger radiator that is not yet available new, recore only.
It will fit the same as and function better than the original. Even the largest radiator cannot cool properly without good airflow. Consider replacing your stock 4 blade fan with a six or seven blade fan for optimum cooling. US Radiator copper radiators are made to bolt in exactly as a factory replacement radiator would. They are available in several core designs such as three rows of 1/2" tubes on 9/16", 7/16" or 5/16" centers as well as in two, three or four row versions. All US Radiators can be ordered with a fan shroud, electric cooling fan, thermostatic fan control and even an A/C condenser. The top tank of the radiator radiator can be polished to show off the vintage brass look. An internal automatic transmission cooler is built into the radiator. This particular radiator can be ordered in a variety of configurations to suit your cooling needs and your budget.
  In some cases we may require you to send your OEM top tank or we may need to charge a core charge in case we are out of the OEM Edsel style top tank. Please call us for exact details.

This is a normally stocked item. If the inventory on this item shows zero, please contact us to see when we will be getting it back into stock. Call us at 516-293-9026 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm EST. If you cannot wait for our next stock order, we can have it built and shipped to you directly from the factory at no additional cost.

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Cap-A-Radiator from Teena Nawabi on Vimeo.